Happy endings are NOT a part of massage therapy, no matter what the Montreal Police might think


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Proposed solution, in order to book an appointment the customer needs to provide valid ID and pay with a card in their own name. In the instance that a customer misbehaves they have all the information they need to pursue filing charges on the customer.


I was legitimately expecting the story to end with the revelation that the “client” was actually an undercover cop trying to entrap her establishment for prostitution.


Did you post that song just because of its title? I watched it, and aside from the song’s title, any connection to the story from Montreal seems … nonexistent. What am i missing?


At this point, Cavaliere decided it might be a good idea to record the rest of their chat.

Yep, shit got real, fast.


Yeah, I was an LMT for 10 years. Even in really really obviously professional establishments we get this, probably to the tune of once every 6 months for me personally. That whole “you’re on a bad stretch” is just the location equivalent of “well look at how you were dressed.”

If a client even brings up allegations against a practitioner, their career is over. If LMTs bring up allegations it has been made very clear to us that very little will result. Our spa had a whole flow chart for how to bring allegations and the first step was to step away from the table and give them a warning. If they stopped grinding we were supposed to go back to massaging them. Only if they ignored us and kept going were we supposed to leave the room. Next step is to write up the incident. The person needs multiple warnings to be barred from that spa/chain.
Ultimately we could choose to file police reports but it’s kind of the end of that flow chart.


Of course, if we could just have open, legal sex workers rather than having to be coy and couch it as “massage therapy,” there would be a lot less confusion between real MT and MT-with-happy-ending, I suspect. I mean, there are going to be exhibitionists for whom the thrill is shocking the therapist, I suppose. But then you’ve also got people who just want a hand-job and think that that’s what they’re getting when they make an appointment – because, at some places, that is in fact what they’re getting. If we could just have a “massage with hand job” sign out front, or a “massage without sex” sign, then that would probably funnel a lot of the horny people into an appropriate and consensual arrangement.


Wow, that’s the part that makes no sense to me. In fact I’m surprised the local establishments didn’t co-operate to maintain a bad client list… I guess the spa owners weren’t that concerned about the LMT’s work environment :frowning:

Good point. I wonder if it happens more or less in Vegas.


Well, prolly the reason the cops didn’t take it very seriously is that in the cops’ own personal experiences, a massage without a happy ending is a total non sequitur. Just sayin’


I know therapists who have ultimately left the profession because of those dynamics. I hope they change in the near future.


I’ve had many massages over the decades and never had so much as a happy ending. That is Enkwife’s job!

Actually least happy ending ever was once Enkwife treated me to a shiatsu massage in Japantown in SF. Little old Japanese lady just destroyed me. So painful. Even after soaking in a weird sit up techno tub. Next day was painful as well…


I remember this happening in Austin, way back when. The case got thrown out because, instead of simply arresting the suspect, the officer went through with the entire “massage.”

I didn’t remember it showing up in the local media at all – instead, it turned up later in News of the Weird (although, the local weekly carried that feature).


From the CBC report:

At Cavaliere’s spa, the owners have taken steps to protect the staff by requiring photo ID for any new massage clients, she said.


No one should trust “their” police department even up in the “enlightened” North


Classic McNulty move.


Sex work outside of strip clubs is not legal in Las Vegas, or so I thought?


Yeah, prostitution is legal in Nevada but not Las Vegas.

On the other hand, I think it would be hard for someone looking for prostitution in Las Vegas to wind up with an LMT by accident.


I just don’t want you to get emotional because you have weirdos out there

Christ, what an asshole.


Yeah, and this was a certain well known nationwide chain spa. I think we may have actually coordinated with our chain. We didn’t communicate with any other local spas though.