The GrillGun might be the most awe-inspiring grilling tool ever made

Around here the sign of being an adult is not needing a bottle opener to open a bottle.

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I kind of see it the opposite way. Responsible adults aren’t so lazy that they can’t fetch just and use the right tool for the job. :slight_smile:

Stop breeding Hamburg cocks Start to breed Jersey Giant cocks. They are bigger. And tasty.

FYI: These have a non-zero chance of going boom on you.


It’s ok, Canadians aren’t “worthy” of ordering from the BB store anyway. Thanks, StackCommerce!


Yes, I found out how unworthy a while ago. One would think that an extra 10% of market exposure would be worth courting.

My point, though, is that the BB store often offers stuff at odds with what I perceive as BB values.

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Actually buried in the BB terms of service:

We also lament the frequently cheesy copy in the [Stack Social] advertisements.

Not quite a mea culpa, but clearly management is aware of the contradiction.

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Ok ok… Sorry to everyone here. Apparently I’ve sired a lineage of comments that has now descended to discussions of how tasty certain varieties of cocks are…

(who am I kidding? Keep up the good work mutants!)


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