The highest Pole Position score caught on film

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I didn’t realize it was possible to play Pole Position without running into every billboard.


When I worked for an arcade company, I hated when the power at the back was switched on. 20+ Pole Positions would all make that Beep-Beep-Boop! sound.


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Great driving. Little chance of him dying in a racing accident, but that smoker’s cough…

That was my favorite part of the day when I worked at an arcade.

The sound of fun just getting started!

Wow. I’m just amazed that the WORLD RECORD for Pole Position amounted at less than 4 minutes of gameplay.

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ACK! Major flashbacks to Celebrity Sports Center in Denver. I can almost smell the carpet and popcorn.

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I had to watch that all the way through. Amazing muscle memory, and look at that beautiful arcade cabinet! That was so much fun to watch.

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