The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies trailer out


I love the epicness, and the digital environments and characters. But I no longer care about the story much, if there really is even a story in these movies: group needs to get from a to b, some have to split up, big battle, the end.

Oh! Did we already see this one, or is this the new one? There’s a new one? You’re right, we haven’t see this one yet!


The second Hobbit movie was quite possibly the most boring thing I’ve seen in the past decade. I probably would have left had I not been with a bunch of other people.

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i haven’t loved the hobbit movies as much as i do LOTR trilogy, but it’s still so much fun to see aspects of tolkien’s world come to life. i’m very much looking forward to this.

Yeah, I slept during a good portion of it. These are really disappointing movies after the LOTR…

I want to love this movie, but the trailer ain’t helpin’…

It needs a


drum, dru dru drum, dru dru drum, dru dru…


The trilogy most definitely needs a condensed version. WAY too much fluff and padding in the first two. Part 3 will no doubt continue the trend. Jackson’s movies are somewhat appealing, but they are all starting to look the same.


Why has there not been a graphic novel adaptation of any of Tolkien’s works yet - there aren’t any are there? Stirring animation aside, that’s the medium I think would be best suited for the pace of the books. And the author/s would probably remain more faithful to the original plot, which most fans seem to want. Take Tolkien himself, the Hildebrandt brothers, Howe, Lee, any number of illustrators; their pictures are more evocative to me of the spirit of Middle Earth than the movies have been.

I saw the first one at the cinema and after the “sled chase” with Radagast I decided to simply not watch any more of this guff!

Way to ruin a charming childrens tale that was the introduction for alot of kids to a true fantasy world!

I too am waiting for the fan cut where all the shit is dumped and we have a story about a hobbit and some dwarves with a wizard and a dragon. there’s some spiders an elves an stuff too but it’s mostly about the hobbit…


Amen; I can’t wait for “The Hobbit: The Phantom Edit”. Hell, I’ve got (I think) all released editions of TLOTR (DVD vs. Blu Ray and “Special Editions” vs “Extended Editions”, so 4 versions of each of the three movies), but refuse to buy “The Extended Editions” of The Hobbit because the normal edition is over-stuffed with junk as it is. Anyone watched any of the extended editions? Is there anything at all worth while in them? I noticed that the Extended Edition of “An Unexpected Journey” was 13 minutes longer; figured it just had more Dwarves running away from Orcs.

Ya know, when they were going to make “The Hobbit” into two movies I though, eh, that won’t be too bad. The Rankin/Bass “The Hobbit” covered almost every event (I think they left out Beorn) in something like 75 minutes, but everything went by really fast. So if you filled out stuff a bit, added some of “The White Council” stuff, made the fight scenes a bit longer, I could certain see 2 90 minute or even 2 120 minute films. When they decided to make three movies, however, it was just a blatant money grub; they had to add a bunch of story just to make the films work individually. The whole “Bilbo saving Thorin from Bolg” at the end of the first movie had to be added so that 1) the movie’s story arc was about Bilbo becoming a hero and 2) Bilbo had gained Thorin’s (and the other dwarves’) trust by the end.

“I will have whoar!” - Haha.

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The first movie was excruciating. I guess that’s what happens when you take a short book and drag it out to be the length of The Lord of the Rings

I didn’t know the Thalmor had conquered Middle Earth :smiley:

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