The hotel where Steve Jobs unveiled the first Macintosh prototype in 1983 (and why Apple got banned from it)


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I hope they hurry back and do it all again! Except Jobs, nobody wants to see him nude these days.


It’s all fun and games until the nerds get nekkid.


I hear that those IBM shindigs can get pretty wild too… Well, okay, maybe not.


Most blue haired ladies enjoy a good show of pulchritude. Perhaps it was the quality of the show?


In the 80s? At a swanky up scale joint? In public? “Well I never!”





I, for one, would get naked for Macintosh.


Onlookers: “Oh pish 'tosh and fiddle faddle!”

@TheGreatParis: “No, really…”

Onlooker #1: “Egads man, put that faddling thing away!”

Onlooker #2: “Whatchoo Mac’n on boy?!”


@TheGreatParis: “Muahahahahah!”

Onlookers: “OMG, it’s coming this way, run!”


MY EXACT THOUGHT! They were suppressing giggles, because they were raised to be polite.


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