The Idiomatic generates random idioms to annoy and confuse your friends


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Well, like mom always used to say, a stitch in time shall die by the sword.


Duhhh hey! Who are you calling an idiom!?


That is great. So many of them make actual sense.


Well, it’s plausible.


Idiom’s Delight.


“Rapping to the beat is next to godliness.”


He who lives by the sword blames his tools.


“Cheaters are bacon.”


so many beautiful conversation manglers


I can’t remember which episodes, but perhaps they’ve been clipped out into youtube vid or something, but Paul F. Tompkins and Lauren Lapkus have had a couple of closing-thoughts-offs where they go back and forth making up idiom-like phrases on Comedy Bang Bang until one or both of them run out of juice. They’re pretty great.


Oh, an aphorism generator. I was hoping for an idiom generator - I like to sprinkle my speech with forgotten idioms (“the flea’s nuts”) or made-up idioms in similar veins (“the frog’s nipples”). Something that came up with random idioms for given meanings would be cool. An aphorism generator would be even better if it didn’t simply cut up existing aphorisms but used new material to assemble them, e.g. “Teasing foxes never gains you any bananas.”


Fans of Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin novels (Master and Commander, et al) will recognize this as a random Jack Aubreyism generator.


“That which does not kill us repeats itself.”

“Wednesday’s child is worse than his bite.”


The wisdom of surrealism.


You beat me to it.


Consulting is like that…


Truth is in the eye of the beholder.

Makes sense, given that beauty is truth and truth beauty.


“A loveless life never boils.”

So true.


Something said! Not good. Now what was it?