Robot wisdom from a deep learning system trained on ancient proverbs


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a good wine make the best a lot of things.


Flossy? Is that you?


Looks uncannily like the section “Idiotisms and Proverbs” from “English As She Is Spoke


This just might work if it were trained on Zen koans.



So say we all.


“We can serve no smort.”

So wait… it’s not a cookbook?


If someone packages up and brands these proverbs up right, puts together some books and seminars, and gets the endorsement of a pretty white celebrity, they’re going to be the next lucrative phenomenon in the New Age woo industry.


Look before you leap, for he who hesitates is lost.


Pretty sure that “a good man is worth doing well” is something an old girlfriend used as an explanation.


Was looking for this. Was disappointed. What’s the matter with kids these days? No appreciation for the classics, says I.


Robot wisdom is only slightly more amusing than the human variety.


I’ll just leave this here:

The tautological emptiness of a Master’s Wisdom is exemplified in the inherent stupidity of proverbs. Let us engage in a mental experiment by way of trying to construct proverbial wisdom out of the relationship between terrestrial life, its pleasures, and its Beyond. If ones says, “Forget about the afterlife, about the Elsewhere, seize the day, enjoy life fully here and now, it’s the only life you’ve got!” it sounds deep. If one says exactly the opposite (“Do not get trapped in the illusory and vain pleasures of earthly life; money, power, and passions are all destined to vanish into thin air - think about eternity!”), it also sounds deep. If one combines the two sides (“Bring Eternity into your everyday life, live your life on this earth as if it is already permeated by Eternity!”), we get another profound thought. Needless to add, the same goes for it’s inversion: “Do not try in vain to bring together Eternity and your terrestrial life, accept humbly that you are forever split between Heaven and Earth!” If, finally, one simply gets perplexed by all these reversals and claims: “Life is an enigma, do not try to penetrate its secrets, accept the beauty of its unfathomable mystery!” the result is, again, no less profound than its reversal: “Do not allow yourself to be distracted by false mysteries that just dissimulate the fact that, ultimately, life is very simple - it is what it is, it is simply here without reason and rhyme!” Needless to add that, by uniting mystery and simplicity, one again obtains a wisdom: “The ultimate, unfathomable mystery of life resides in its very simplicity, in the simple fact that there is life.”

Slavoj Zizek

No idea if the attribution is accurate. I once found the quote in someone’s comment on another blog.


I wonder what Jorn Barger is doing these days.


Do not come to the cow.

The cow will find you when you are ready.


No AI needed. A largish set of words and a random number generator will achieve the same:


Do not come to the cow. That’s impossible. Instead only try to realize the truth. There is no cow.


That’s my take home lesson as well. Well said.





Yeah, and if wishes were horses we’d all be eatin’ steak.