The importance of toothbrushes in ocean disasters [Futility Closet 014]


Coincidence? I think not!


“Toothbrushes” should really have a better plural name like octopus or focus. The current plural form is clunky and bumbles around the mouth like a cheekful of rocks. And yet, “Toothbrushi” doesn’t quite work. How’s about…Toothbrushim? Too Jewish? Perhaps Toothbrusho? (with the accent on the middle syllable)

Anyhoo, back to work…

Mind you this would be more like a reference to the class of all tooth brushing capable objects or forms, rather than simply modern toothbrushes… toothbrusha.

Obviously she is a witch.

Haven’t listened yet, but I assume that one turns the toothbrush into a shiv to garner respect and secure food on the lifeboat?

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