The ToothShower lets you brush, floss and handle all your oral care easily right in the shower

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No thanks, I have the bathroom buddy. I got it from the same place I got my mogwai back in '84.


Okay so I low-key hate most of this Boing Boing store stuff, but I have to admit there’s the occasional gem. Well I didn’t purchase it here this is what gave me the idea to buy a bidet like the month before the pandemic hit. And that has absolutely changed my life.

I haven’t even really looked deeply at this, but based on the concept alone I’m optimistic. The shower is my absolute favorite place to brush my teeth so this has nothing but potential.

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OK, now that I see it in use, I need to have a talk with my plumber.

He installed the ToothShower and my new bidet at the same time, and I believe there was a miscommunication somewhere along the way…


Same here! I like that much of the water drips off me while I brush my teeth, so it doesn’t end up in the towel.

Regularly priced at $119, you can now save 10 percent

Was I just told that I sell for about a hundred bucks? Why, yes. Yes, I was. It’s obviously just the common dangling-modifier mistake, but it’s one of the more insulting instances of it.

When letting the water run in the sink while you brush your teeth just isn’t using enough water for you.


Zoinks! This is my husband’s cousin’s invention. I can see how some people would find it useful. But, we live in an area where there is a constant threat of drought and I am really trying really hard to take faster showers.


Hey, if you get a shower with an enema wan attachment, you can take care of both of your deuterostome openings at one time! (or maybe we’ll just call it “washing out both ends of the tube at the same time”)



“I don’t know what’s more sad, that every man has a price, or that it’s always so low” - Hobbes

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