The In Vitro Meat Cookbook


In vitro? Mmmmmm! Why not just go all the way and use Soylent Green?

I wonder what that holier-than-thou subgroup of vegans comes up with to claim how wrong it is.

I eat meat, but I get why a vegan might still be uncomfortable with this. If someone developed a humane, lab-grown substitute for Human Baby Flesh I’d still get squicked out by the idea.

I heard about the sweetish taste of human meat, so I find it somewhat eww too. Otherwise I’d guess the problem is only in the infections from viruses and prions in the meat (e.g. kuru), which in case of sterile lab conditions is a rather low risk.

Besides the reports the Soylent makes people have horrible horrible gas (both quantity and quality)?

Manufactured complaints? :slight_smile: seems fitting.

Eat human, it contains everything the body needs, quite literally. Quite possibly the perfect food, it is made up of everything we are made up of in the proportions we need. lol. (but obligatory ewwwww)

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As far as I know pryon diseases like kuru and the pryons themselves originate with eating nerve tissue. Human eats human nerve tissue, human gets kuru. Contamination would happen later, when you spread that kuru infected cannibal’s brains all over the place during slaughter.

So if your lab growing just don’t grow nerves. Provided that’s still the explanation for pryon disease anyway.

soylent glitter is
/me < gasp >

Mmm, 8oz vatgrown abalone steak. I’d rather have that than a flying car.


Who needs meat, when you have plant blood – in vitro meat probably doesn’t have that nice bloody taste.
Meet Impossible Foods, another VC-backed veggie meat startup — Tech News and Analysis

There are a lot of new plant meat innovations out there. But this one has created “plant blood,” was founded by a Stanford biochemist and has raised $75 million from VCs.

It’s not real plant blood until they create one that can beg for its life.


i’m fairly certain that the stanford biochemist just improved upon what the fast food chains have secretly been doing for years. :slight_smile: i knew it wasn’t really meat!

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Aye, but would you try it anyways?

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Actually, I am the vegan who will argue that “lab meat” is far superior to factory farming


I consider it good as well, as I hate the texture of some connective tissues that tend to find ways into “normally grown” meat.

Wrong? No, just a little mystifying. If people want to stop eating meat, why go to so much effort to reproduce it? Especially oysters–they’re pretty gross in their natural state. But if you’d rather eat food cultured in a lab than grown in soil, go for it–I think most of us vegans will just smirk a little and go about our business. After all, you wouldn’t be bothering the critters any longer, and that’s a good thing. But maybe I’m just not holier enough than thou.

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