Lab meat "delicious"


It tastes like…



Should have got John Selwyn Gummer’s daughter to taste it.

You beat me to it. I wish I watched this show before I saw it’s only season show up on Netflix.

I’m actually very interested in this meat product, especially if it makes a super low fat beef. I’m tired of trimmed chicken breasts, turkey burgers, and fish.

Photograph of the lab where it was produced:

Delicious…from a country that thinks it’s normal to sell hamburger patties in a can.


“I miss the fat, there’s a leanness to it, but the general bite feels like a hamburger.”

Welp, that makes it a non-starter for me. If the meat’s too lean, I won’t touch it.

Even if it were less lean, I’d want to see a complete fatty acid assay before I’d consider eating the stuff. I’m sure there will be misguided attempt to engineer it so that it has too much “healthy” PUFA.

Genetic material from a cow? I was hoping it was from a Labrador retriever.


Dude, the first time someone made ANY foodstuff it would have tasted horrible. Give them time.


That is the Pandora’s Box of lab-grown meat. If you really wanted to you could eat your pets, your friends, your spouse, or even yourself with no ethical implications.

…but I’d still pass on the clownsteak.


I wonder what cavemen thought about the first steak, and if there was a fight over one caveman ruining another caveman’s ribeye by putting it in a fire and turning it into a charred black rock.


Needs more horse, otherwise it just won’t taste like the real stuff.


I will accept this for space travel use only. You can’t pack a cow on your multi year journey to the moons of Jupiter or something, but it would be nice to have some meat growing machine that creates hamburgers and chicken slabs so you can eat…

On earth the animal rights vs creepyness still haven’t moved me to want to eat the grown meat.

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The Space Merchants here we come! (How appropriate for an advertising baron to have sponsored it, no?)

You realize that that’s (purportedly) actually a photo of mechanically-separated chicken, a real process incolving real animals that’s actually consumed by millions of people (in fast food, school lunches, etc.)?

Rather that making fun of artificial meat, maybe we should be celebrating the fact that it isn’t “pink slime” or other such disgusting products.


Meatman’s meat!

I’m holding out for the BBQ Bieber Burger.

The problem with it is that each burger costs something in the ballpark of $350,000 to produce. And that price tag probably isn’t even including the research and labor costs of a bunch of PhDs to hand make the thing. It’s down to the rather expensive growth medium used for cultivating tissue: fetal bovine serum, which, as the name suggests, is extracted from cow fetuses. So it’s not the cruelty-free meat that PETA etc were hoping for, nor is there any way to make it any cheaper right now. The upshot is that it’s not appearing in stores any time soon.


To no-one’s surprise (or at least, nobody who knows me), this doesn’t gross me out at all. I look forward to trying it if it ever becomes accessible to the common folk.

But then, I’ll eat M&Ms found on the floor of the back seat of other people’s cars. YMMV.

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Why not go whole hog, like in Transmetropolitan, & serve human flesh . . .

The first lab-grown meat that was reported in the press a few years ago was grown using nutrients that were basically meat broth, so they didn’t solve the vegetarian problem. It’d be nice to know if that was different for this burger.