The Innovation of Loneliness: short film based on Sherry Turkle book 'Alone Together'


Uhm. This isn’t me or my crowd – where “my crowd” is defined either as my friends or my co-workers. (Or cow-orkers, if you prefer).

And I think when it moves to the online, it’s definitely confusing cause and effect. When I’m playing with online groups, I tend to either restrict them to people whom I already know well (playing scrabble with my girlfriend online) or to treat them as intellectual rather than social outlets. I suspect that the people who are being “alone together” are people who were already alone — perhaps not even unhappily so; size of network that an individual needs/wants varies – and may not be looking for what the author assumes they’re looking for.

Ms. Turkle has done some marvelous work in human interactions… but she’s as capable of overextending an idea as anyone, and it feels like she – or whoever made the film – has done so here.

Again, purely my perspective and a single datapoint. I may be an outlier in this regard as in others.

Slick piece, but takes some very limited information and runs pretty far down assumption street.

Kind of feels like: this is different, and therefore bad.

Hey you kids…come congregate on my lawn!

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