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Filming people without their knowledge! Clearly the right approach to dating. This is awful.


This is disgusting on many levels. Secretly streaming your romantic encounters? If you wouldn’t film a date if you went home with him, you shouldn’t do it at a restaurant either. This is a terrible invasion of privacy. She’s engaging with these men under the pretense of getting to know each other, when it’s really about the internet getting to know the guy. Her comments on how hollow this is makes it clear that this is horrific, and on some level she knows it.


So, one eye on the phone at all times is the best way to behave on a date?

How horrible.


Advice on optimal date behavior: stop doing this.

Although the concept, divorced of its human element, is interesting. Basically the same deal that Neal Stephenson described in Interface, except without biofeedback from the focus group.


It’s a great idea jotted on a napkin during an amphetamine fueled brain storming meeting with your study group – reduce human interaction to a crowdsourced work unit, take measurements, mirthful results will ensue! it’s a jaunty and bold intro-psych / computer science / BDSM / performance art thesis project, and would give you just the name-brand recognition you need when applying for grad school.

But typically there’s some kind of academic oversight which would be quick to point out the ethical and possibly legal flaws and offer strong discouragement.


Is it too much to ask that people learn the difference between “discreet” and “discrete”?

I suppose, however, that what she describes really doesn’t meet any reasonable definition of “discretion”, so maybe she used the right word after all.



Just, ugh.

  1. Discrete does not mean the same thing as discreet.
  2. Filming a date without his/her permission? Lady, you are WAY out of line. Shame on you.


None of this would pass the NIH Human Subjects Use guidelines.


How the hell do you “discreetly” film your date?

Reminds me of the Monkees episode where they were trying to get the foreign spy to speak directly into the table lamp with the hidden microphone.


Who is the subject of the experiment? I think she is. The date is a prop.


Life…you’re doing it wrong.


I think I may know why she is having trouble finding someone to settle down with.


the blonde with the red scarf behind them, I would date her


This just furthers my belief that a lot of people on OKCupid are creeps.


It’s also one of the great opportunities for a datebomb ala photobomb (and I guess I mean that in at least two ways) by her fellow datee.


Reminds me of this:

‘Sight’: Man with Augmented Reality intelligent implants uses ‘Wingman’ app to seduce girl.
Hilarity does NOT ensue.


Well that’s creepy.

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