The International Court of Justice has made it difficult for the public to view the Assange extradition hearing

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The International Court of Justice hears disputes between nation states.

The extradition hearing will be at the High Court in London. Court hearings in the UK are generally not broadcast or live-streamed.

From the Reuters report:

Britain approved his extradition in 2022, a decision which Assange’s lawyers will fight to try and overturn next week at London’s High Court.

ETA: I see that Caig Murray made a comparison between the live-streaming policy of the ICJ and practices in the English courts, which you somehow misunderstood as meaning that the ICJ was hearing the Assange case.


I could care less if Assange spends the rest of his life in prison. He passed along Russian intelligence to benefit Trump in 2016, apparently because he didn’t like Hillary. He’s a free speech icon for the credulous and the naive.


Extradition! How does it work?

Plus…you know…he raped a couple of women. So there’s that.


Yeah, Assange is not and never was one of the good guys. He’s a narcissist who used WikiLeaks to push his own politically motivated agenda, and didn’t give a shit about the whistleblowers whose risk-taking and sacrifices enabled him to grandstand.


This case isn’t about 2016 but about the leaks connected to Chelsea Manning. And even if one hates Assange (yes, he is a scumbag), you want him to be in prison for the rest of his life because he published DNC leaks which he is not even being charged for and which is also not illegal? Other news outlets also cited and published those leaks?

The US prison system is terrible. And because you dislike this guy you are apparently fine for him to spend the rest of his life there? I hope this is just hyperbole because it sounds psychopatic.

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