The Internet Archive is putting a Trump-resistant mirror of the web in Canada

This archive will be called The Grasshopper Lies Heavy


Sure. Yeah. Makes sense in context. Why not go mad? Add way more mirrors? Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Sweden, other free-information friendly countries and such.

Maybe we add blind encryption, to fight legal archival issues?

Is blockchain technology currently capable of handling such a huge distributed database (tens of petabytes) with multiple copies of every block? The concern for me would be that a state level actor could (a) find a way to modify blocks leaving the same signature or (b) replicate the entire thing with bad data.
I can’t help thinking that blockchain will eventually be cracked - it’s a matter of when rather than if.

Looks a very good idea but the problem still exists as it is being managed by Stanford - I have nothing against that fine university but it is in the US, which is where we came in.

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If you mean “rational caution and alarm about an incoming administration who has made their intent clear to take away many freedoms we currently cherish”, then yes, you can call that “Trumpophobia”.

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People who feel alarmed might give more so again, good hook for fundraising!

Trump: “What do you mean I can’t order all the tiny penis, which is yuuge by the way, jokes removed from the Internet?”

In some cases, I have the feeling that it’s not just squatters, but deliberately buying up the domain to kill the archived content.

Of course it can be so ordered. But it would then have to be renamed the Trumpstrand* Effect.

*This is a portmanteau word.

We shouldn’t. There should be multiple archiving efforts happening simultaneously and completely independently.

But, if that isn’t happening, more information surviving, even if it has been tampered with, is better than less information.

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Wouldn’t Perth, Australia be even better? It’s further away from Washington.

I think there is multiple projects like IA, just none as big.


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