The Internet Archive's Trump Archive will ensure that Trump's U-turns and lies can always be challenged

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They’re also building a web archive of “reactions” to the 2016 Presidential election:

Help us build a web archive documenting reactions to the 2016 Presidential Election. You can submit websites and other online materials, and provide relevant descriptive information, via this simple submission form. We will archive and provide ongoing access to these materials as part of the Internet Archive Global Events collection.

My submissions:


How long until the C&D letter gets mailed? Maybe we could have a betting pool.



A “Trump Archive,” or a “Basket of Deplorable Thoughts?”

They missed a great naming opportunity.


We should also include the possibility of a lawyer’s letter demanding a royalty for every use of his brand name.

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My favorite jam band music and Trump garbage in the same place?

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On the one hand, I think this should be done for every politician.

Part of me, though, is saying that the Internet Archive having an anti-Trump bias is just as bad as Wikileaks having an anti-Clinton bias.

So, on balance: as long as they keep this up for the next President (regardless of party) after Trump, I’m okay with this.


“Duplitron” - wasn’t that a machine in the Jetsons that went crazy making duplicates of George?

It would be hard to find a lawyer with no idea how quickly that would be thrown out of court, but maybe

The Internet Archive is a blessing, there is so much information there for every possible need. I had a friend who found out that his uncle was a singing cowboy actor in the 40s, not only did he find the movies on the Archive but also comic books that were based on him. If it wasn’t for the Archive he might never have been able to make that connection to his family’s past.
They are currently doing their fundraiser and are half way to their goal.


I still have this reaction


I’m joking, but he keeps that kind of lawyer on retainer. Being laughed out of court is not something this grifter has ever worried about.


I don’t think it’s bias to keep an archive of what’s been said during the campaign, and ongoing speeches as well because this one particular person is the most egregious liar in a whole pantheon of career political liars. It’s not bias - it’s self-defense.


I have no doubt that’s what spurred this. However, as you said, Trump’s not the first political liar, just the latest and the loudest. This is something that should have been done long ago, and it hurts their appearance of neutrality to do it now. They should keep doing it after Trump’s give, because it appears unlikely that politicians will stop being liars anytime soon, and because if they just do it for Trump, it’ll look like they don’t want the other team to be held accountable.

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I think this is the wrong response to trump. Having realized that his words mean nothing, we should be ignoring them, not archiving them. we should instead be focusing on his actions, which he can’t contradict the following day. and can you imagine how infuriating trump would find out to be ignored?

Why would anyone ever need this, there’s far more important things they could be doing.

Like arguing about Star Wars?


I’ve gone over that lol That False Cause arguement is the reason why people lash out so much against “the left”

Didn’t the “appearance of neutrality” help get him elected?