The Internet Archive's Trump Archive will ensure that Trump's U-turns and lies can always be challenged

What the fuck are you talking about?


One of them is actively distributing stolen private materials.

The other is just storing public statements which were made knowingly and intentionally.

Your “just as bad” claim is absurd on its face.

(I’d support this record-keeping being done for the public statements of every presidential candidate, of course. It’s only your equating the Internet Archive’s acitvities with WikiLeaks’ activities that I disagree with)


I thought you were stalking the entire conversation over at the other end, but if you don’t know then at this point its whatever.

This is begging for a vaporwave treatment.

OK. So there’s far more important things that you could be doing?

Not at this moment

Why would you say that?

Because it’s the most appropriate response, i prefer to be on here than ‘somewhere’ else

If you’ve got nothing else better to do than defend The Phantom Menace, why does it bother you so much how other people spend their time?

It started off defending Menace, but then people legitimately thought I was doing it out of spite or something negative against the topic of women’s health. So then i gave my legitimate explanation that the author was taking a plot hole in a fictional story to imply justification for funding for women’s health services or it would lead to a dictatorship.

It doesn’t bother me how people use their time, what bothers me is that the author is a professional writer and is using a lousy premise to support something that is worth supporting. I never once said that it bothers me how other people use their time so idk where you’re getting that from.

I got it from the bit where you said:

If it didn’t bother you, why make any remark about how they should be spending their time?
And what difference does it make that they’re a professional writer? There’s a lot of them here. They do a lot of stuff off the clock, or unrelated to the day job.

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No dude, i was talking about the people making the archive, it appears that a lot of what is in or will be in the archive well be useless when applied to trump’s role in office

Archives for other public officials isn’t a bad idea, but for trump, we already know this will end badly because I’m positive that a handful of seats in Congress & the Senate will flip two years from now during the mid election cycle

It’s an Archive. With one of the most controversial elections in living memory, with a uniquely unqualified winner and the most facist President in living memory, your reasoning for not collating and cataloging absolutely fucking everything Mango Mussolini does seems a bit weak. If nothing else, future writers and historians can use it in the “In the last days before the Final…” bit of their books.

But I’m open to persuasion. Tell me why it shouldn’t be archived.


OK, I said “more important things they could be doing.” and i also said “Archives for other public officials isn’t a bad idea”

They could be better off archiving other officials that have had a much bigger role in politics, there’s mitt that is going to get a Cabinet position which at one point could have actually ran for reelection this cycle had he won the last one, the party leaders like mitch, or Chicago Mayor rahm that had a Cabinet position under obama in the first term, heads of the Fed which have more power than the VP, and other people that can be held directly responsible right away for their actions

As of right now, trump doesn’t need the archive

(Edit) He should be further down the list of people that need an archive.

Let me get this right. Documenting the stuff produced by the current President-Elect, who used digital and social media in an unpresidented(sic) fashion during the most media-driven election to date with all the cultural and historical impact of that, is a complete WOFTAM, but a failed previous candidate is fine?

Have you looked much round the Internet Archive, BTW?


In two weeks he will.


If you archive people that have already been in office for a long time then the chances of them becoming reelected or appointed are decreased because people will be able to have the full spectrum of lies & hypocrisy layed out for them

I don’t need nor want to look at his archive because i have already formed my view of him, i don’t like him

-the illegals are a massive contributions to the economy
-it’ll actually hurt the economy to deport all the illegals out
-deporting them is too expensive & time consuming
-the wall is too expensive
-immigration from the southern border (because it isn’t just Mexicans) has decreased
-immigration has actually gone in reverse because of NAFTA
-no respectable person talks that way about women
-no respectable person talks that way about anyone
-he’s a hypocrite since his clothes and crap are made in China
-the university was largely a scam
-criticized a judge because of the color of his skin, and said he was unfit because of it
-already back tracked on the Affordable Care Act
-Cabinet picks are hypocritical to his anti establishment stance
-his own daughter jokes that he’s a sexual predator

He’s a shit guy, but he hasn’t done anything “yet”

That’s Federal, that one can’t be helped and is need

But the one of all his shenanigans on t.v isn’t needed right away, what is needed is the archives for the others so that 2 years from now a handful of incumbents can get unelected and then we can back track to see if trump has contradicted himself which is certain

Wait, so because you’ve already formed your view of him, documenting and recording his stuff isn’t necessary? OK then. Did Rick Prelinger run over your dog or something?

Other than the points you’ve listed above. Which he’s said and done as both candidate and President-Elect. To me, this just strengthens the case for someone to archive it.

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I’m not saying " don’t archive him " I’m saying " don’t archive him now becuase others need to be archived before him "

That first quote you’ve highlighted is answering your question