The Internet may not be the question, but it's the answer

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Yes agree

But only if

  1. internet is used as a tool
  2. for good
  3. engage with all (not only those that could afford it)

People still need to #SelfChallenge to decide what they want in their lives thus use the Internet or other tools to achieve their chosen goals.

You can ask those big questions you mentioned re Climate/capitalism etc. Even to key guys at #COP21 or bankers/finance professors… you still need the knowledge+insights+wider understanding to interpret the reply based on your personal backgrounds + experiences… (believe me, I’ve met many!)‎

Internet by itself sadly won’t solve this, there is no easy solution but only one with some efforts required.

Namely, people sadly will have to #challenge themselves and use the Internet to absorb wider knowledge (Not from only one source like the extremists) and try to fllow curated knowledge or self-curated knowledge thus insights and hopefully adopt the correct Actions (or for those action oriented: insights by doing).

It’s time to adopt some lifetime goals by being “self aware” thus seeking the right knowledge+goals+actions… Internet is the perfect platform to empower that, don’t forget even Steve Jobs had studied (he dropped out to save parents money but stayed for 18mths to learn what he thought was good by not paying! Respect for him doing what’s righ, namely getting knowledge for minimum price without stealing!).
Question is why those in-need at present (from unemployed to those addicted to Reality shows like Kadasians/STARSuckers) challenge themselves to be next steve jobs (don’t pay and learn) if they have access to internet, great courses on EDX/Coursera/HavardX etc.?

So, goals + #SelfChallenge is more key… Internet is only secondary in comparison. One must #SelfNudge4Good !? See my proposed non profit movement focusing on self-activation: @Be_Champion

What do you think Cory!?


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