Contract for the Web: Tim Berners-Lee calls on world governments (and us all) to make the web a force for good

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What no more internet of shit?


Better listen to him. It’s not widely known, but Tim Berners-Lee actually has a big red kill switch hidden under his desk just in case this “World Wide Web” thing turns out to be a force for evil instead of good.


I’m on board mainly because the EFF is, but I’m under no illusions that Facebook and Twitter will respect it. Still, it beats Tethics.

What I was really hoping for was a clear and unequivocal statement that an individual’s personal data belongs first and foremost to that individual, who will determine who has access to it and who can share it and under what terms. But I understand that the big platforms wouldn’t sign on at all if that was the case. Berners-Lee is taking a more technology-oriented approach to that by promoting another open standard, anyhow.


I’m with you on supporting this in principle because especially EFF

But let’s be realistic here. The internet as we know it has become a pile of shit because it has become about convenience and forwarding memes and making a lot of assholes make money.

No amount of Goodwill from anyone on this planet is going to fix the internet.

No amount of Happy Funtime pledges is going to change anything. We need a force of people who take democracy add digital rights as seriously as human rights and stop pretending they are going to do some great change in the face of so much monopolization.

Basically this is all a useless circle jerk because no one can come up with an actual workable way to fix what we want to think of as the internet.

I wish reality were different but it isn’t

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That’s nice, but the DRM’s not really helping, Tim.


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