Today is the day we Reset the Net


“Today is the day we Reset the Net”

So all we need to do is upload a virus to the alien mothership. Then Will Smith can say something witty. Roll credits.


no mention of Little Snitch?


I manage a network for a K-8 school. If the content filter can’t read the page then I have to block it. SSL is great, but if you’re providing content for children, like Google, then it’s a problem. Of course Google if large enough I went through the trouble of configuring my network to work around the problem, but if your’re not google and you provide educational content I would stay away from SSL.

I would argue that any content filter that can’t handle SSL shouldn’t be used and will become increasingly more and more irrelevant moving forward. I understand you might not be the one in charge of that but it’s still dumb.

Our sonicwall has a feature, for an additional charge of course, that can can handle SSL. We’re a nonprofit and every dollar counts. I can spend that money in more important places than supporting some minor league website that chooses not to give me a non-SSL option.

Not trying to be facetious with that “minor league” comment, just saying if it’s not a must have web site then it’s not worth the time and money to support. It doesn’t make sense for thousands of network managers to figure out how to support it when the web site can provide a URL. Just my 2 cents.

The U.S. Government has no business in law-abiding citizen’s private lives period. What people need to know is there’s already a law against what the #NSA is doing. It’s called the Bill of Rights and they’re willfully violating it, especially the 4th Amendment. It’s time to hold all our elected officials accountable for the NSA’s violations of our most important laws & rights. Fire U.S. Congress etc. Also everyone should Google the #NDAA 2012 the blatant violations of our rights is far worse than most Americans understand.

Let us know how that works out, ok? Until then maybe crypto is a good idea.

It just occurred to me that even the weakest crypto would be powerful here. Like those little kids’ puzzle codes that just scramble letter order… if we all do it, then the data isn’t searchable. Sure, they can crack it in seconds… but seconds times 300 million?

I was more shocked at no mention of Little Brother

I prepared myself to be ready to help out any of my friends and family who wanted to install tools from the Privacy Pack, but as far as I know, none of them did. And that group includes a lot of political activists, many of whom have expressed support for Manning, Snowden, and other whistleblowers, and opposition to mass surveillance.

I’m glad that more major websites are implementing TLS/SSL, and that a few of the big players announced support for encryption and privacy. But it seemed like the plan here was to get a critical mass of regular users using encryption tools, enough for network effects to start carrying the project forward, so that we get to the point where enough regular communication is encrypted that encrypting your communication doesn’t flag you as suspicious. And I don’t get the impression that we got any further with that.

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