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Just FYI, on Firefox, you will have to make an exception to enable DNS over HTTPS for the site.

Here’s how to do ti - When I go to cloudflare websites I get Error 1001 Ray ID: 59155673d9adc50c. Please help! | Firefox-ondersteuningsforum | Mozilla Support

The newest version of Firefox may be a bit different. I had to search DNS in the settings and it showed the box for exceptions.


I wonder if I can find “I Took the Call” there. ER physicians telling tales.


I hope Rob’s post doesn’t make the site so popular that it gets overrun. The best way to kill a service like this could be to make it very popular…

And… (as well as has been down for three days. Very prescient comment!

.ph worked for me a couple of hours ago.

Because the Show Full Post button is still buggy after a decade, here’s the opening to the linked article that doesn’t show up here on the BBS.

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The website (also accessible at has become a backbone of the internet, providing on-demand archives of specific pages and access to paywalled sites that play the SEO game of revealing the full text of articles to non-human viewers. It’s now a common Wikipedia citation! Jani Patokallio wrote up a history of the site and its unique position in the web’s ecology.

The archive runs Apache Hadoop and Apache Accumulo. All data is stored on HDFS, textual content is duplicated 3 times among servers in 2 datacenters and images are duplicated 2 times. Both datacenters are in Europe, with OVH hosting at least one of them.

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