The Jackson 5ive, the cartoon (1971)




I think the Osmond Brothers also had their own cartoon. It was a confusing time.


The Jackson 5ive cartoon was the one where Michael had a pet snake named Rosie and a pair of mice named Ray and Charles. I was more of Jonny Quest and Herculoids fan when I was a kid but I remember catching the Jacksons’ cartoon too.



Not even one mention of the seriously crappy Beatles cartoon? Although, in both toons favor, there were always still the songs. Yep, this would all eventually and gloriously blossom into prime time, i.e. The Monkees. Hey, hey indeed. Y’all seriously need to watch the Jack Nicholson/Bob Raffleson flick ‘Head’. You must be this high, drunk and tripping to enter. Thank you.


I don’t remember the Beatles cartoon, although I should have been old enough too. I do remember the Jackson 5ive cartoon, and many, many others of this epoch. Most were really horrible derivative crap. (And then there were the traumatizing live action shows like H.R. Pufnstuf.)

My sisters and I did watch The Monkees during its initial run. It was really mind-boggling silly stuff for the time, quite enjoyable for kids.


Well they couldn’t exactly give him a rat named Ben, could they?


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