The Japanese version of MARIO KART 64 included Mario-brand cigarettes and Yoshi-brand motor oil

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I have to point out that Yoshi is not a dinosaur. Dinosaurs didn’t wear shoes. :wink:

“Marioro” is genius, IMO; it slots perfectly into the wordshape of “Marlboro,” to the point where the eye easily confuses the two.


I’ve been playing Mario Kart 64 (including the Japanese version - I get a kick out of Wario’s Japanese vocalizations) on emulators for a couple of years now.

I find the Marioro billboard amusing, although of course it would never fly in the U.S.

Lately though, the giant red & white “M” cap on the Mario Raceway track reminds me too much of a MAGA cap. Ugh.


(Something about the “M” I guess, since the pro baseball team in my fair-to-middling city wears red caps which I have no problem with.)

It might look quite puzzling for Americans to see such kind of sponsorship in a Mario Kart game, since those are influences from some of the main Formula One sponsors at the time.

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