The karts in Mario Kart Live are bigger than I thought

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I’m not sure if you or the video maker are joking, but the “unboxing video” is quite clearly fake. Look at the housing of the camera: it looks like an action camera in a cardboard construction covered in tape.


The camera part also looks nothing like it looks in the trailer / promo material:

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At the very end of the video, he kind of admits that it is a knockoff. He says: “Guys, I think they ripped me off, eh? This is a GoPro? Who would have thought, guys? yes, of course.

Can’t wait to see all the gameplay footage of cats and dogs decimating Mario and his kart.


This is SO COOL!!! Nintendo is just the best. After the initial lockdown, we buckled and got the kids their first console. It took me about a month and a half to actually catch one during a restock moment, but it was so worth it. They just really get the fun of playing games and being able to play as a family is so fun.

I’m sure this is probably old news to the gamers here, but I still find myself overjoyed at nearly every new Nintendo idea.


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