Nintendo announces a new Game and Watch handheld, first released in 1981

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Best news of the day! And now I shall attempt to turn off all other news sites to keep this happy mood longer than five minutes :slight_smile:

Video link for the BBS


The original video games that blew every kid’s mind back in the day. This looks like a phenomenal update maintaining the original style perfectly.

My friend’s 10 year old son loves the old Pacman and Donkey Kong. He is so excited when he plays. Certainly it is a good idea to bring this classic back to the market. $50? Maybe a little steep, but possibly we can afford it.

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$50 for one game? In a less insane timeline this would be a hard sell, considering one can easily obtain hardware of roughly the same size that comes with this and 200-300 other games preinstalled for less than $20, and probably 99% of the people who will buy this not only own said game on another platform, they will also only play this for like 10 minutes, or keep it as a collectible.

Not as much if it is the exact form factor and case as the game watch it would be worth having. Yes, you could build something like that but it would still get you in the same range of cost of parts and labour of building it.

It’s adorable.

Your collectible comment is apt, but… technically it’s two Mario games, the ball mini-game, a clock and a series of hidden easter egg puzzles. (Not sure how the latter works.)

This could be good, but as it’s from Nintendo, I would need to see evidence that the screen is of post-2003 quality before I shart away my money on it.

What is the history here? I remember the coin-op version coming out before the NES in the US. Google is no help, it seems to only refer me to the NES version as a sequel to Mario Bros.

Also, for those who remember the arcade version, doesn’t the NES version repeat the dungeon levels to save memory? I remember feeling quite cheated when playing the NES version. I’m ashamed to say that I could finish the original with one quarter.

I don’t mean DIY, I mean fully assembled handheld consoles preloaded with games.

Same here (although over here in Brexitland, it was 10p) - but I hate to think how much I spent in order to be able to get to that point…

The preceding coin op was Mario Bros, which is a different game than Super Mario Bros. Later, there was a 1986 arcade version of Super Mario Bros as part of Nintendo’s “Vs.” series, but that was a port of the NES game.

I’m aware of that one. I remember playing that too, I didn’t like that as much. I’m aware of the VS series game as well, that had 2 separate control clusters for dual play.
There was a coin-op Super Mario that was stand-alone, one player at a time, and identical to the NES version except that it had different dungeon levels.

The dungeon levels on the NES were more repetitive. You’d see the exact same layout on the later levels with added fire hazards. The arcade version didn’t repeat them at all. I remember being disappointed with my friends NES version for that reason.

Arcade Mario

NES Mario
You’d see the same level repeated later on with that fire hazard active. On the Arcade version, later on it would be a different level all together

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