Super Mario movie poster revealed

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Not Funny Reaction GIF by The Drew Barrymore Show


I assume it just comes from all the jumping and stomping. Like those pictures of cyclists’ legs

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Is Benedict Cumberbatch voicing Mario?


To show all the small details, I tried to attach the full resolution poster (3158 pixels by 5000 pixels), but the BBS keeps on resizing it.

Here’s a direct link:

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Read the linked article, particularly the captions on the screen grabs

In a journalistic process that had us questioning how it had come to this, we have compared Mario’s current build to his 3D, er, back catalogue, and while the results may not be wholly conclusive, there is arguably some reduction going in here:

Between the furor over his nipples and the attention to his gluts, Mario is surely going to have some body image issues.

“It’s a me, Mario and my eyes are up here.”


This is what happens when designers add tons of Starbeans Cafes, but no public restrooms.

How do you think Chocolate Island got its name?

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The “Antiques” store with items from Super Mario Bros 3 is a bit of middle finger to all of us who played that game as a kid. I guess I’m a fossilized Dry Bones now.


The only way this even remotely works is if Chris Pratt gets TRON-ified into the mushroom kingdom and tries to find a way back out. Everyone thinks he is Mario, so he has to act the part, which is played up for the jokes.

Why is everyone so butthurt?

thank goodness for overalls i suppose. it’s surprising really – that as a plumber – he’s able to keep his pants pulled up at all.

What are these guys, I don’t remember these guys:

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Mario has had a lifetime of hearing plumber’s crack jokes, it is no wonder he has fashioned his into a weapon.

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