Existence of Super Mario's penis challenged


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In comics, TV shows, and movies aimed at general audiences, characters in a state of undress will usually lack … certain anatomical features…


It doesn’t matter what plumbing he has, he’s presenting as male and using a male name and pronouns. Respect his gender identity.


Mario: Trans man. Wears packer only occasionally.



I recall reading similar theories that Superman is also, uh, lacking, amply supported by the evidence that for many years in the comics all he has there is conspicuous shading.

ETA: There it is.


Must. Not. Click. On. TVTropes. Link.

TVTropes is an even bigger productivity killer for me than Wikipedia.


Nonsense, it will help you. Click it. Cliiiiiiick it.


No one’s questioning his male gender. They’re just questioning whether or not he has a penis. Your comment would seemingly indicate that you were aware that those two things are not strictly related.


You know, if Mario both has and does not have a penis, that would be a perfect example of Schrodinger’s Dick.


Careful, that waveform is gonna collapse when you try to observe the results.


That’s only because no one is quite certain what alien junk looks like


Didn’t ya’ know??? Mario is actually ‘Maria’!


I’ve always wanted to know… what is the difference between Pacman and Ms Pacman?


Get right outta town!


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