Check out the first trailer for the new Super Mario Bros movie

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Looks fun, but Let me put it like this, we’ll NEVER get a Nintendo movie equivalent to the Dark Knight. Nintendo aims for mediocre popcorn films. They’re not interested in making art or using cinema to elevate the idea of the video game characters…

Everything is a feel good romp …which is such a narrow view of the video game characters genre.


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Laughable. You have one (or two) ethnically identifiable characters in this IP , and you hire an actor who isn’t of that ethnicity to voice the part. I thought that wasn’t cool these days?

This piece of meta-media was generated pretty quickly…


This one appeared so fast I saw it before the actual preview.

Personally, this new Mario doesn’t have nearly enough Bob Hoskins for my liking.

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Crisp Rat as Slightly More New York Crisp Rat in Super Mario Bros.

Like, I get that the ship has sailed on getting actual voice actors who aren’t well known celebrities to play main characters in major animated movies, but can you at least get folks like Jack Black and Bradley Cooper, who try, as opposed to this phoned in garbage?

If you could avoid hiring shitty people that’d also be a plus.

This world doesn’t have nearly enough Bob Hoskins for my liking, but what can you do?

Agreed. It’s a shame they didn’t go with more actual voice actors for this one. I’ve seen a few voice actors grumbling about this and fans are starting to wonder if they can do the same thing to Mario’s voice that they did with Sonic’s look.

Jack Black is Bowser is this, I believe.

He is, I didn’t pick that name by accident :wink:. Same as Bradley Cooper, who I was afraid was just going to be Bradley Cooper but actually pulled out a completely different voice for Rocket. And did so alongside Pratt, for extra irony.

Regarding redoing the voice, almost certainly not happening. Sonic was expensive, but they were probably able to just replace the model and use most or all of the same animation, so they needed to re-render any scene he was in. Expensive, but doable.

Difference here is, voice is generally one of the first things to be done, because they have to match the character’s facial movement to the voice track. Redoing the voice would require either:

  1. Get another voice actor to redo the voice while keeping exactly the same pacing, while also trying to deliver the lines in a way consistent with the animation. Really hard on the actor to do and probably impossible to get to look right
  2. Get another actor to redo the voice, then change the animation for any scene where Mario speaks and you can see his mouth (he’s not Bane, so that’s going to be most of the time), then re-render those scenes. That’s a ton more work than just re-rendering most of the scenes with a new model.

And either of those assumes that Nintendo and the studio aren’t happy with this after the backlash, and given the amount of control Nintendo likely has over this project that seems unlikely. They’re almost certainly assuming that their target audience (kids) won’t care, and that adults are either going to suck it up and deal with it or likely weren’t going to see it anyway because of Pratt.



Heh, Werewolf By Night looks like the wrong kind of horrifying - #13 by dnealy


Or perhaps we should have gone this route:


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