New Super Mario movie in development with studio behind Minions


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Well can’t be worse than the mess with Bob Hoskins and Dennis Hopper.


reminder: Mario and Princess origin is Donkey Kong. Luigi and plumbing occupations origin:


It better be Captain Lou or I walk. YOU HEAR ME?!? I WALK!


This doesn’t tell us much more than we knew in November.

My thoughts on the subject remain unchanged. The old live-action Mario Bros movie, while quite the disaster, at least tried to do something fresh and daring and original. I can’t really imagine Illumination creating anything that won’t be completely forgettable. Oh, it will be entertaining and shiny and marketable, and make a handsome profit and provide a convenient distraction for the kiddies to watch over and over again on a rainy weekend afternoon – but forgettable nonetheless.

That said, there are rumors circulating about a live-action Sonic movie, and that surely cannot manage to be more than an utter disaster.


YOU FOOL! You’ve broken The Star Wars Prequel law of moviedom: as soon as you make a definitive statement regarding the future quality of a movie, it is guaranteed to be far worse than your statement indicated. You’ve doomed us all!!!


Should we tell him Cap’n Lou has been gone since 2009?


How grateful I am my son is too old for this shit.


Or you have raised them to wait till the library has a DVD copy to watch that kind of cinema trainwreck.


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