The Jokes Phone isn't your ordinary pay phone

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I imagine some of the jokes have aged better than others.


I moved to a smallish (population 30,000) town in Arkansas last February. There is a pay phone here, on the edge of a Burger King on the main street. I can’t remember the last time I saw one that was actually working infrastructure.

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We had one here at my library up until last year. We saw some patrons using it on occasion, but not often. It finally broke and of course it was reporting to us here in the IT department. That’s when the fun began!

Yeah, it’s equipment, so I understand why it was reported to us, but we couldn’t do anything with it. There was no contact information on the phone itself and the admin office did not have anything listed for a contract. The phone had been there longer than anyone could remember and we weren’t even really sure who was servicing it or removing the theoretical money in it.

Eventually our facilities staff simply removed it. It stayed down here in the IT room for several months in our recycling bin, eventually to be taken out. We still aren’t sure who actually owned it. For all we know, it was someone’s private phone!


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