The King of the Hill intro reanimated as pixel art

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Dang ol’ pixillated Boomhauer, I’ll tell you what.


If there was an early 90s King of the Hill point and click adventure game this would have been the intro.


I thought Boomhauer was a joke until I met a guy at a bar who talked just like him. Super nice guy. At least I think he was. He might have been hurling a bunch of dang ol’ insults at me.


When his inspiration came from a similar message left on an answering machine it has to exist somewhere.


Back in the early '90s my wife and I played a Simpsons video game at local arcades, where you could choose which one of the Simpson family members you wanted to play while trying to rescue a kidnapped Maggie. Watching this pixel art cover of the intro to King of the Hill I really wish that there would have been a similar video game for those characters in the arcades too.


Yup… Yup… Yup… I AM SINISTAR! RUN!

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