Trailer for "Insert Coin," a new documentary about the creators of the biggest videogames of the 1990s

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Arcade games - Software as a service, $0.25 at a time.


I sort of think we were renting the hardware as well.

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“The 1990s”?

Especially for hard-to-replicate-at-home cabinets like Afterburner.

Oh man, now I gotta go and play me some Smash TV!

Big Money!! Big Prizes!! I like it!!

That game ate so much of my paperboy earnings…


Anyone remember Einstein’s in Austin.

I miss arcades.

Is the nickel arcade still in Portland ?

Random Andrea Renee spotting. I’m in.

Imma drop this right here: Insert Coin

They could do a sequel: PUSH TO REJECT.

(emphasis added)

I see what you did there! And I like it :slight_smile:

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I’d be interested to hear the story and maybe relive some memories, but I’m afraid that I’m just going to be super-annoyed by all the fake video-noise and ‘glitches’…

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