♕ 🎤 The Legendary Raptastic Groove-a-Thon 🎤 ♕

Slam like you’ve never slammed before, keep the flow going
Slam it hot and original, let’s get this thread glowing

Side-talk and commentary? Shout it out but stay blurred
’cause the rhymes and beats spouted still need to be heard.

This isn’t a battle but if you’re feeling pugnacious
swagger up to the mic, just keep yourself gracious
You may not be Black Thought, Mos Def, or Phife
But so what? Share your love of beats, rhymes, and likes.


I can’t freestyle without an audible beat… maybe not even then, if I’m too sober.

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What’s that? Down on the floor?
It’s a mirrored-drive door Mac G4!
I say, it’s a damn chore!
Here is why
if you want to know more:

It’s the last Mac with OS 9
(I still use it all of the time)
But sometimes
it don’t like to chime
Because of
some designer crime…

The PSU is custom flat!
Over time will dry out your caps!
Which leaves your parameters trashed!
From the many times that you’ve crashed!

Strip that system down
Zap the PRAM!
Hope that it comes around
Hit the CUDA!
PMU resets
time to jam!
Lame-ass computer

A new PSU from you-know-who
Would cost even if available!
But we know it’s not
And I have been taught
It is useless and unsaleable.
A new box is caught with problems frought
of form factors - I shit you not
Stuff it in there before my bits rot
BTX is close
A supply you chose
With some Dremel it can just fit
Those vintage Mac blues
That have possessed you
Are finished now that you have re-cased it.


This jumped into my head on the drive home and I had to jot it down here before I forgot it.

Fellas love me, they call me dyn-o-mite.
Ladies love me, they call me gyn-o-mite.
Don’t like me, hey that’s all right.
Pacifist here, I don’t wanna fight.
Cuz I’m the MC thresher.
Sucka MC suppressor.
Overflowing with rhymes, call me MC dresser.
Dynamic not static, lyrics automatic.
I hope this gets liked by @Melizmatic.
Here in Seattle by way of the Bay-ay.
Like a Warrior I’m coming out to play-yay.
Stick around for more rhymes, you’ll be glad to stay ay.
Mutants, put up your hands, say hey hey.
Can’t stop won’t stop like I’m in the 80s.
Drive a Subaru, I don’t do Mercedes.
MC pirate saying ahoy maties.
Bunches of rhymes like I was the Brady’s.
High definition, truth not fiction.
Don’t like my rhymes? You can suck my diction.
Names not Horace, Robert, or Boris.
Vocabulary like Roget’s Thesaurus.
Dissing me, you may well diss yo mama.
Lyrical drone strike, call me MC Obama.
Go to Japan, they call me Ficus-sama.
I rise to the top like Fuji-yama.


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