Klack: a Mac app that emits a "satisfying sound" whenever you press a key

Originally published at: Klack: a Mac app that emits a "satisfying sound" whenever you press a key | Boing Boing

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You couldn’t do this natively, without an app?

I remember way, way back on a friends Mac (SE) we pranked him by putting the Star Wars theme as the key press noise. That doesn’t sound that bad, except it wouldn’t register anything else until the sound completed. Took him a while to fix that.


Oh you kids today with your “apps”…


“I would like to know if there is a command to shut off the clicking of the 800 keyboard?” wrote Travis Appleman of Georgetown, Kentucky.

“Is there a way to disable the Atari keyboard speaker with a POKE statement instead of disconnecting the wires?” Chris Cataldo of Chesapeake, Virginia wrote to Antic.

Is it satisfying for other people in your office? Or for the other people in the coffee shop whilst you write your ‘screenplay’?

I can’t think of anything worse when trying to concentrate than the continuous klacky (sic) sound of multiple people typing in a shared office.

I can just imagine the OS being busy so the app’s keyclicks are delayed from the actual keystroke. That would drive me crazy!


For me the appeal of a mechanical keyboard isn’t the sound, it’s the touch.
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Having a mac keyboard make the sounds of a real keyboard when operated seems like something that Apple would have appreciated in the darkest days of their gruesome skeuomorphism phase.

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i click my tongue against the roof of my mouth. it’s tiring at first to do it with every key click, so i recommend starting with “enter”, working your way up to every “space”, and then on to every press. it becomes second nature quickly and the sound is quite convincing

my air is stuck in some sort of perpetual low power mode so whenever i adjust the volume via the keyboard, it’s about 3 seconds until it plays the acknowledgement sound; and usually it’s only the last part of the sound: so my speakers make odd popping sounds

not a bug, this is the pinnacle of design.

Loud Typer is my daily driver. Very low latency, lots of useful keyboard sounds (including classic typewriters), and the big thing it gets right (and foley artists often get wrong in TV shows and movies, like in the last part of Netflix’s Wednesday) is the sounds the whole keyboard makes when you hold down Shift before pressing a key, especially with classic typewriter sounds.

There are a variety of clicks, taps, and beeps you won’t tire of as well as novelty sounds.

My wife approves of many of the sounds (even the classic typewriter) and I use this even with my mechanical keyboard. The feedback I get from a successful keypress keeps me from overly slamming on the keyboard when I type.

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