The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special!

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Without Lego Bea Arthur it’s just not worth it.



Ok, I’m in.


That’s some fine attention to detail from whoever the artist is.

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I just noticed that the Lego Ideas project I linked to has seven more days to get 34 more supporters. If it reaches that milestone then there’s still a possibility that Lego would review the project.

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Who’s to say that she won’t have a cameo? These guys know their audience.


“If, like me, the title of this video makes you think that someone recreated the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special in Lego, you will be disappointed. As was I.”

…and i was.
i was so disappointed. why hasn’t this been done yet?


I mean, it’s been a hell of a year. I’ll take any form of brief retreat into stupidly humorous fan service to end it off. Count me in.


Disappointed, in that someone might one day rehabilitate that execrable piece of film, but discovering this was not the time?

A SW Holiday Special could be good, in the same way the Ewok movies were good (i.e. somewhat). Just just whiffed it.

The youtube link:

Star Wars Holiday Special, The (1978) [Nice Copy]

Nice copy, ha!

The only watchable version is the one that still has all the ads. My favorite: Look for, the Union Label.

This looks terrible. And, yes, I was so expecting it to be 15 minutes of a wookie boy wondering wordlessly around a lame set. But, even then, this still looks terrible.

This is still the one to beat, if you ask me:

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