The Library of Babel implemented in VRChat

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They were so, so close.


Ooh, what will the final straw be? The technical limitations of the software or the Golden-Goose-cutting greed of Unity’s owners? Truly a fable for our times, and one Borges would probably appreciate.

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Is this supposed to be inspiring? It looks like a nightmare. Like that video I think I saw posted on boing boing that was a really realistic depiction of a guy lost in liminal office space/mall hallways with no way out. (I can’t remember what it was called to even look it up. If someone knows what I mean post a link!)

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The Backrooms?

ETA link:

[Edit #2] Could also be this?


Yeah! The back rooms is what I was thinking of. (Shudder)

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I think this video is particularly what I was thinking of:

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