VR furry adds the adult bookstore to virtual Four Seasons Total Landscaping world

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This has been amazing, Coopertom is a friend I have hung out with in goofy worlds before. I had to go get the t-shirt and get take a selfie there.

What was amazing was the outpouring of positive stuff he received and this recent going viral managed to improve his life a bit.

It’s been a blast and he recently added the porn shop and it’s amazing.

It figures we ended up with a stack of huskies that night.

He also does a goofy talk show in VRChat randomly and he explains this weird moment of going viral in his monologue:


Do I, uh, what to ask what the significance of that is? Or is it as simple as people with huskie avatars trying to see how many they can stack?


That is weird, but with the way he said it I’m guessing it’s some sort of weird VR/furry in-joke. Probably the VR equivalent of photobombing or doing the Naruto run outside of Area 51.


Only significance is people noticing a clonable avatar that has a seat and people suddenly have to get in on it so you end up with a bunch people cloning and then … oh hey look I can hop on that other avatar … and so on and hilarity ensues. The top avatar gets the most VR motion as they are kinda whipped around.

What is silly is if the bottom husky in this case notices the top seat on the top avatar and clicks on it their positions start feeding back on eachother and tend to launch the whole thing into orbit.

This is not how I ever expected to spend this year in VR but it’s been a godsend to be something closer to my fursona in something feeling closer to real and then getting to know more furs around the world.

On top of just being silly as hell with people like coopertom.

The furry invasion in VRChat has been bloody amazing and the work and community that has sprung up to help deal with the lack of in person meets and conventions has been impressive.

Look at what furs did because of no Eurofurence… Digitize the whole damn hotel down to the elevator logic:


I don´t do VR, but as a furry I approve!


I will say the furry side of VR chat really does have a furry convention/party vibe and is a lot of fun. What I love about our community is how we just embrace platforms like this and just take it over. We’ve been doing this since the early days of the internet and it’s great watching us expand out and meet.

Somehow this all makes me feel very good about where the 2020s might take us. Of course I say this as someone who is looking forward to the immanentization of the eschaton…

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I love wonky physics interactions like this.

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That is my entire pandemic vibe as I’ve been deeply in furry vr since March.

This week I just made a world where you exist in the Album art of Dark Side of the moon while the album plays.

I hung with other dogs there and vibed last night.

It’s been a social life line as more people dive in and just take over.


Pink Floyd? Now you lost me!

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