The Little Mermaid bikini

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“Because D shells are too big, and B shells are too small…”


The Little Mermaid Red Wig (Adult) on Amazon.

You’re welcome.


Re: the story line of “The Little Mermaid”—paging Dr. Freud!

Brain, stop!
No fishy smell jokes.


Nice try, but if you really want the horrific take on this story, read Malory Ortberg’s on The Toast.

With all that synthetic fabric…

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Interesting: The article says it is the original text. I have an integral version translated in French and it is very different in places. The parts about women in general, the sea king owning his daughters and the witch talking about men aren’t there. The ending is also different: At the moment of dissolving in the sea, she is rescued by the ‘daughters of the air’ who tell her that she can win the immortal soul she wanted by doing good deeds with them for 100 years.


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