The lollipopter puts the helicone to shame

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I misread that as “lolicopter,” which might be the finishing battle move of the dark magical girl who must ba defeated before the plot can advance…

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I don’t understand how this is different from the helicone, other than the addition of colors. Am i missing something?

Just as the Barneycopter was superior to the Flintstone Flyer.

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I thought we were going to chat about this:


I like the original better. Brass and wood is much classier.

Hearing this guy mutter his mild exclamations of approval of your toy in that restrained British manner must be the highest form of praise to a toymaker.


Er, I have the Helicone, and other than this being made of crappier material and ugly colors, it’s exactly the same thing. Not sure what “ante” has been upped here.


Yeah it seems 100% the same, but in plastic. Not sure why this needs to be retreaded again

I came expecting to see a lollipop-dropping quadcopter bringing dishonor to an ice-cream cone delivering quadcopter. My disappointment is quite real.


Add one to the list, boys.

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