The Longest Day of the Future – Chris Ware meets Terry Gilliam

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Now I want to read it just put those images into context. Also, I love that art style!

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Makes me think of a little creative-exercise-book for young’uns I saw sometime around 25 years ago – each page had a wordless illustration on one side, and a blank page on the other so you could write your own story to match the illustrations (which followed one after another in some sort of narrative). Seems like this book could probably be repackaged in the same way.

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I’ve been offered the french edition, it’s awesome. Art and story alike. But contrary to what you might think, this wordless story’s scenario is far from open. Every detail in the picture counts to understand exactly what’s going on.

Terry Gilliam, I agree 100%, but Chris Ware’s realism and pessimism isn’t there, nor is his mastery of page displays. Attention to details, for sure. The “clear cut” style refers more to Tintin’s Explorers on the Moon !


I got this while in France last year (it was one of the few wordless books I found) and it instantly became the book of the year for me. Incredible wordless storytelling and some amazing panels.
So glad its out here now!

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As wordless graphic novels go, I have to say that I’m a big fan of Shaun Tan’s The Arrival.

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