The "ludic loop" of checking email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all day


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imagine if your loop was: Breitbart > CNN > SNL > Twitter


Congrats, Mark. Boing Boing has been in my loop for years.

I’m sending you a bill


HAH HAH. Doing this right now. Only “check Boing Boing forum” instead of Facebook.


If you’re still using Twitter / FaceFuckBook after what is commonly known about those first’s famous user plus the latter’s owner, well just please stop it.


Hmmm, my loop is BBBBS, Newsblur, Slack, email.
I feel like I should figure out a way to make money off this.


This is so true.

I watched a gull fish the perimeter of the ice along a pond for about 30-40 minutes this morning, in stillness.


In real life?


Isn’t that one of those curious phrases that (despite no grammatical issues preventing it) is virtually never used except when it is glaringly false?


What if your loop is “Nice Reply,” “Great Reply,” “Popular Link”


I don’t use Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

But they are not necessary for me to dive into my time-killing spiral. I have my favorite blogs and websites, KakaoTalk, HelloTalk, etc.

It’s a problem.


Yep. and I selfishly didn’t even post pics to my instagram.

Back and forth it went, back and forth, back and forth, looking for minnows.


You, sir, have just won the IRLs for the day!

“And now it is my great pleasure to present, the Duke of IRL!”



If it’s not on Youtube, how could it be real?


I know, right?
And here’s @AcerPlatanoides with his “MeTube”, geez, some people… :smile:


bbs is my ludic loop.


Duke of IRL, Duke, Duke.


The book in question isn’t available for Kindle and I can’t remember if that’s ironic or not.


The wild turkey version of a ludic loop.


That’s a bit ambitious. The rabbits get distracted easily, and frequently decide that now would be a good time to flop over and take a nap.

Literal rabbits are a great addition to the loop though :smiley:

do {
if (bunnies.hiding() == false) {; }
} while (awake);