Follow Boing Boing on Ello




I’m not.


Me neither. It is edible? Or a product for self-enlightenment? Maybe it relates to discovery-layer sites, a meta-finding aid of sorts? Hmm…


Yet another social media to take care, give baths and clean the poop of?



nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.


I don’t even see the point of following Boing Boing on social networks I have accounts for.

Do you post stuff on there that isn’t on the website?



In … before the API that lets you post content!!


Damn, I not everyone, once again!


I’m on ello, and now following you.


I’m at


It’s like the evil version of the xoxo logo… which actually kind of looks like it got punched in the eye. Probably by that mean Ello logo.


I follow Xeni on Twitter, she’s pretty active there.

Edit: I guess all the Bloggers are probably pretty active on Twitter, I should probably follow them all…


After perusing the comments on this post yesterday, I’ll be passing on Ello and sparing myself the inevitable disappointment and frustration.


I follow the Boingers (although I ended up turning off Cory’s RTs), I just don’t follow the BB account. I’m on the site enough for it to be of no value to me :smile:.




I dunno, you’re the same one that hooked me onto Tribe, and I still haven’t killed my account yet…


You’re all individuals


I’m not.


“Yes! We’re all individuals!”