Ello, what's all this then? An ad-free social network




Hey, would be cool to get an invite train going. I’d like one please > paralyys@gmail.com .


Yes, I too would like that! [email removed]

Thanks @nielsen_chris! Got the invite!
I can’t invite others yet

Because we are in beta, we have limited the number of new Ello users for a short time.
Check this page often: you'll be able to invite your friends from here very soon.

But if you pm/reply I’ll try and return the invite favor as soon as I can!


It can’t be that good or I would have been invited already.


I’ve sent you an invite! I’ve got three more to hand out, who wants one?


I might accept one but it would have to be from someone prestigious, like Xeni-level. Or at least Mark-level.


Well what this world definitely needs is a social networking platform.


Heh, no thanks. Since it’s Paul Budnitz, I’ll be staying away. His past actions in the cycling industry leave little doubt in my mind as to how users of Ello will be treated.


I’d love an invite if anyone can spare it. My email address is my username up there ^^^ at gmail.com. (Got my invite… thanks a bunch!)


Is there somewhere one might look for background on this, if one is not part of the bicycle industry?


Thanks! I’ll let people know when I have invites to continue the train.


I CAN HAZ INVITE to derek.prowseATgmail?


I think that he ripped off designs of custom bike builders – BlackSheep comes to mind.


Just sent you one.


My reading of the “about” page led me to believe that Ello has no visible means of support.

Had it been described as a charity financed by the fellow’s other operations, then I might be interested. But its source of funding is presented as a mystery. We all know how that has worked out with every other mystery on the web… full of ads.


After some searching:



I’m interested in seeing it.

PM me an invite if you’ve got a spare.


I’m on it but have no invites at this point.

It’s very spare. Black/white with Courier font everywhere, so posts and photos are the real focal point on the right panel, but it’s kind of like a newspaper if you stand back, nothing really stands out except photos.

But, one needs to give such things time.


Aren’t ‘ad-free things on the internet’ usually ‘currently ad-free things whose terms of use can change at any time and definitely don’t oblige them to forget anything they ever learned about you when they decide to no longer be ad-free’?


Technically, it’s running in AWS cloud on US east coast section. I think it is running on Ember.js with a ruby based backend/api calls with some sort of no-sql setup. Not really sure though.

It is pretty sparse but it seems like it is overly minimalistic at the expense of useability.