The Mad Max game is every bit as good on disability as Fury Road

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I read the Polygon article this morning and it was a great read. I highly recommend going over it. I’m not disabled but I applaud Fury Road and the game for their character design. It’s definitely something that should be celebrated and taken as an example on how to create interesting characters where the focus isn’t expressly on their physical or mental flaws


I hear the game has mechanical issues (lots of grinding, etc.), but universally from everyone I have heard praise about the characters and rule of cool the game captures.

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it’s fine as long as you’re a huge Mad Max fan and need something that’s got cars and empty wastelands to drive over.
If not, then it’s a pretty bland game with very little gameplay variety, identical boss fights and practically no characters or dialogue that go beyond ‘go over there and get me a thing’.

Is there a reason there’s no link for the PC version of the game included in the article?

I’d check this out, but Big Boss and I are busy being totally bad ass in Soviet-occupied Afghanistan. Dear Lord Metal Gear Solid V is good.

Very much disagreed. I found a lot of the characters extremely engaging; Max’s relationship with Chumbucket grows as the game progresses, and I felt he was as sympathetic and original a character as anyone from the movies. The dialog with even ancillary characters evolves as your reputation grows, and your relationship with Hope and Glory felt very well written.

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[quote=“nungesser, post:7, topic:66056”]
Hope and Glory
[/quote]dull as dishwater damsel in distress and exist only to be fridged. They are literately every cliche.

Their cliches are not only pointed out, but lampshaded nicely in the game. Your opinion is noted, but not correct for everyone.

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Shame, Borderlands took Dieselpunk in a fun vector.

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