The malware that's pwning the Internet of Things is terrifyingly amateurish

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This is why I stay off the internet.


We were all so worried about avoiding 2001: A Space Odyssey, but it looks like we should have been worrying about Fantasia instead.


Shorter version:

…we are heading to a future with more incidents like this happening.


You tend to forget that each of these lightbulbs actually have a SoC, system on a chip, like raspberry pi in there to make things work. Changing a bunch of leds colors is trivial, but it basically takes a tiny linux box with a web server, telnet server, to make it internet thingy. It actually doesn’t but SoCs are crazy easy to develop on and just put them out there instead of making specialized components.
So, someone couldn’t really hack your house, they just take over the little computers to use in their bot networks. This actually is kind of cool if used for good. Imagine all the lightbulbs in your house acting as a solid state raid drive, or as part of the house’s distributed processor. Since processing and memory get cheaper and cheaper, you would basically be upgrading your house computer every time you change a lightbulb.
Just be sure to change the default password.

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sounds very professional to me, why do a bunch of extra work if not needed to reach objective.


Not so deep as a well nor so wide as a church door; but 'tis enough, 'twill serve…

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