The man training police to shoot first ask questions later, is also their biggest "expert" defender in courts

The man training police to shoot first ask questions later, is also their biggest “expert” defender in courts.

He not only defends them when the shoot and kill unarmed people:

He also actively trains them to shoot first:


I saw this earlier.

So, this guy seems to think, as an ‘expert’, that the onus to make encounters with the police safe is on the untrained member of the public and not the trained police officer?

I’m sick of this. Not prepared to assume the risks of being a police officer? Perfectly reasonable. Just don’t join the police.


What I find infuriatingly bad logic, is that so many vets get a practically free pass from being paid to kill people, to the streets where they’re supposed to police people. As if their experience and training to make them better than average at killing a perceived enemy in any way qualifies them to be an officer of the law.

I’m not denigrating soldiers here. I’m just pointing out that being trained to kill people isn’t the same as being trained to police people. And experience fighting a war is not a valid substitute for having experience doing police work.

It’s simply a bad idea to give a person a gun and let them loose on the streets looking for trouble after having spent a few years constantly being told that all the people on the streets want to kill them, and they have to shoot first if they want to survive.


Isn’t that strange? Police officers grow up believing it is wrong to shoot an unarmed child in the back. Good thing there’s somebody ready to train them to think differently.


Sadly, another profiteer leaching off the post 9/11 terror-industrial complex.


Color me…wait, what’s the opposite of surprised?


Jaded? Downtrodden? Disillusioned? Disappointed? Whelmed?


I was going to guess chartreuse…


I guess people always make the joke about police and the “Bad Apple”…it is finally nice to know the name of that apple, William J. Lewinski.

I wonder if someone like him will ever be capable of feeling remorse for all of the lives on his hands and all the family whose lives are ruined and will never receive justice because of him. My guess is he is so self blinded that he sees himself as some sort of savior of justice protecting police. Going to go be sick now…


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