"Please send the police. I've been shot," says 76-year-old man mistakenly shot by police

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PD daily training schedule:
9:00 to 12:00- Gun training
12:00 to 12:45- Lunch
12:45 to 4:55- Gun training
4:55 to 5:00- US Constitution, law, critical thinking, mental health management, sensitivity training, latest relevant news, public relations, minority issues and tolerance, adult education, gender issues and tolerance, community outreach, mental health issues in the public, geriatric health issues in the public, human rights, suggestion box, and don’t murder people training.


Where’s “Introduction to the Thin Blue Line,” and its companion course “Snitches Get Stitches?”


Don’t worry, kids. Guns make you safer! Guns protected these cops from an innocent person whose property they were trespassing on. FTW!


a powerpoint presentation at dinner

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I think the updated version is Snitches Get Ditches.


I like the point you’re making but let’s remember that actually, it’s not police training that causes officers to abuse and murder civilians. You could completely overhaul police training curriculum and it wouldn’t make much difference.

After all, being a cop doesn’t really require much training. Most of your learning takes place on the job, based on what you actually see other cops do and get away with. Learning the ropes means learning what kind of behavior is punished, what is ignored, and what is rewarded. Not what the rule book says, but how things actually go down day-to-day.

It’s the police as an institution - as a power structure - that causes police violence.


The only thing that will stop a good guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Or vice-versa.


From what we’re seeing, there’s really not a whole lotta gun training going on.


He said 4:55-5:00

I don’t think they actually get proper gun training. UK police generally don’t carry guns but are often more proficient in their use and less likely to feel the need to use them or shoot the wrong person.

The UK does have a different attitude to policing though.

The UK police are not perfect, but maybe Hillary should consider “policing by consent” as part of police reforms.


Where exactly was the mistake?

Did they mean to shoot someone else?

Did they not mean to shoot anyone at all?


No, no, no, that’s for telling the cops the rules.

I want to know how/when they instruct the cops on what to do to the cops who report the ones who break the rules.


You need to take a little bit closer look:[quote=“vonbobo, post:2, topic:82780”]
4:55 to 5:00- …minority issues and tolerance


I’m confused about some of the facts. The two initial police shot a man, and then just left? Did they think they had finished responding to the call (which would be odd)? Did they not seek to arrest or kill the unknown man who shot at them? I mean, most of the time, police are not too relaxed about being shot at – there is normally a conclusion to the exchange of gunfire.


Actually, for a lot of cops, their gun training after the initial training, is there once yearly qualifier. Maybe that is part of the problem.


Maybe I should update “gun training” to " gun shootin’"?


Ethical? Ethical? Why do you hate the police? You just want criminals to win don’t you?


Not sure where they learned it, but this is what they do:


TL;DR - They gaslight their best cops and falsely imprison them. Because they’ll go to any lengths to make sure they can keep fucking over people less powerful than themselves without oversight or supervision. And they’ll do it without hesitation.

Corrupt police are a problem so bad I’m willing to say that we may be better off dismantling all the police departments and starting over from an ethical framework. Like what the rest of the developed world has.


The irony of the phone call reminds me of the Marine vet in White Plains, NY (I think) who triggered his medical alert system, telling the operator he needed help because police were trying to break down his front door and kill him. After a stand-off at his front door, they tazed him, shot him and killed him, claiming he threatened them with a knife. The event had been set in motion when the man accidentally hit his medical alert once in the middle of the night, then called the company and told them it was an accident. Too late, the police had to come check on him, and wouldn’t go away when he told them it was a false alarm. Poke around on Democracynow.com and you can find heart-breaking audio of the guy’s phone call to the medical alert operator, accurately predicting that they would kill him.