Step-by-step analysis of what police "de-escalation" looks like


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How is it i’ve yet to see a Canadian thin blue line flag?

Oh, blue isn’t a gang color in Canada?


On it’s own it won’t fix the problems with US cops, but it will give you a solid foundation to build on.


When the suspect yells that he has a gun in his pocket, Constable Lam replies: “I don’t care. Get down.”

I don’t think I’ll live to see this implemented in the good ole USA.


Whenever I hear someone talking about the thin blue line I can’t help thinking about Rowan Atkinson.


Too bad that in the USA white men seem to think black men all have giant dangerous weapons - in their pants pocket.


So what is the excuse we offer for using our guns drawn, sirens blaring, angry cop, barking orders tactics?
Seriously, what is the reason U.S. police are trained to be so very aggressive towards the people from whom their power is derived?
And why doesn’t our press or our “leaders” seem interested in asking that question?


“This is going to be a great training video in the future,” as one former police-department head commented.

Wow. You don’t hear that very often.


Well done officer Lam!

“I’ve got a gun in my pocket!”
“Sheesh, I don’t care, eh? Get down ona ground afore ya get hurt.”

(note to anyone butthurt by my silly outrageous hoser accent: I am married to a Canadian and love the whole country to pieces (eh))


It’s the Patriarchy, Jim.


American exceptionalism, I suppose. If it works against the metric system, it must work against competent policing, too.


There’s de-escalation, and then there’s de-escalation Rambo style!



Wasn’t the driver a woman-hating incel?


So it seems, but AIUI it’s not fully clear yet.


Whaddayamean “training”?


I am curious how long the training period for Toronto police lasts, compared to most US police forces.


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