North Carolina State Trooper points gun at teen girl using cell phone to call her stepfather

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“Don’t come up on me!” (Holds gun sideways in one hand pointed at the kid).

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All cops are vile violent abusive cowards who love to escalate violence and hide behind their guns and gangs of fellow cowards.
All of this started over a supposed seatbelt violation. Pigs should be banned from ever touching anyone or getting anyone out of their car except under extremely limited situations. This cop should be charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and his testimony in court should be null and void because his camera was off. He should be thrown under the jail for a long time.


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Pulling a gun on an unarmed teenager is exactly the same thing a murderous cop might do.

Yet that’s the same thing a person who was a bad guy might say.


Hey, when the people who usually end up dead are “those people” who look nothing like you and who “brought it on themselves,” I guess a person could get used to not caring that the system itself is broken as fuck.


A whole bunch of victim blaming was removed.

We do not support blaming teen girls for having loaded firearms pointed at them, no matter how justified you feel it may have been. If you have that opinion, fine, but don’t share it here.

Thank you.


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De-escalation is just so simple. At the point a freakin’ traffic stop becomes a life-threatening situation for anyone, let it go..

Frankly, it should be a pro-police position to end traffic stops as we know them. Aside from COVID, traffic stops are the most dangerous part of policing. And it’s not from violence, it’s from accidents when the officer leaves the relative protection of their vehicle.

With modern technology, there is no reason why anyone involved needs to leave there vehicle. Send a small drone over to the vehicle that’s been pulled over. Use it to get a photo of the driver and their documentation (license, registration, insurance) and issue the ticket electronically. But police claim to want to be able to “upgrade” offenses by finding illegal material or some other reason to search the vehicle. Why? Is that worth dying over?

Let it go.


We could probably save hundreds of lives a year just by requiring American cops to spend as much time in de-escalation training as we require them to spend at the firing range.

ETA: As you say, de-escalation is simple… but so is shooting a gun. Getting good at it requires training and practice until it becomes second nature.


And unfortunately, one is easily measurable and the other is not.

Super easy to see where the bullets hit the target, and to require more practice. Much harder to measure whether someone is getting better at dealing with people or not. Someone who’s bad at it is more likely to claim they’re not being treated fairly because of X or Y or Z than learn from the feedback – and get support from the union. (Police unions are one of the few that I think do more harm than good.)


More victim-blaming nonsense; contrary to popular belief police do not have uniquely dangerous jobs that would justify treating every person they encounter as a mortal threat until proven otherwise.

Statistically speaking a food delivery driver is more likely to get murdered on the job than a cop, but we wouldn’t tolerate Grubhub drivers pulling guns on random teens.




A union of janitors or farm workers is unlikely to ever be in a position to punch down at anybody

A union of cops, or of prison guards, …


Fine in the sense of:

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Do you need to identify the driver right then-and-there? Here in Oz, automated speeding and red-light tickets are issued to the name on the vehicle registration. If the registered owner wants to let the cops know someone else was driving, then that someone else has to do a bit of paperwork to claim the ticket.


Just to document it. It’s feasible the registered owner doesn’t know someone’s driving their car. Kid, nanny, house sitter…

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It’s feasible the registered owner doesn’t know someone’s driving their car.

In Oz, that’s the registered owner’s problem. Their car, their responsibility to keep track of who’s driving it.