The man who literally sniffed out the problems in NYC's subway

Smelly Kelly has been replaced by modern technology:



I always find the smell strangely appetizing.
Smells better than New Jersey in general.

A hippodrome with elephants? That’s false advertising!


Not when the hippodrome is so crowded it pack’d’erm in.

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This is why ROC curves should be included in any article about amazing feats of prediction.


A song for The Sniffer.

We’re the kinda guys who look you in the eyes and sniff ya,
we’re the kinda guys who creep up from behind and lift ya.

We’re not the kinda guys to take you by surprise,
and push blackberries into your eyes, no no.

We’re the kinda guys who look you in the eyes and sniff ya,
we’re the kinda men who every now and then will touch ya.

We’re the kinda men - don’t wish to offend - as we buff ya,
we’re not the the kinda guys to stick a rocket up ya ass,
and send you on a journey to the stars, no.

We’re the kinda guys who look you in the eyes and sniff ya,
sniff ya, sniff ya, sniff ya, sniff ya, sniff ya.

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But what do you do when someone like this retires?

Check out Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams. In France, they use smell to find caves full of ancient paintings and the like. The French appreciate the sense of smell, if nothing else, a good sense of smell is important in the wine and perfume industries.

Its cigarette smoke and artificial fragrances that get to me. If a candle is made with lavender oil and beeswax, smells fine as long as its not burning for too long.

Those places are special torture chambers. I always feel sorry for the employees. Do they keep a menthol rub behind the counter to put under their noses? Or stealth nose plugs?


Candles are usually ok but certain scents hit me more than others. And cigarette smoke i can usually tolerate, but i have a very strong physical reaction to incense smoke. It’s just too smelly for me.

I worked for years in a print shop, and it took less than a year before I couldn’t smell the inks and solvents at all. I assume that the bath and body employees can no longer smell their place of work either.

It took at least 5 years of NOT working in a print shop before my sense of smell came back to something like normal. When I worked there, I liked the scented lotions, but now I find them overwhelming and most of them don’t even smell nice.

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